china removing all foreign name

China and campaign to removing all foreign name, hotels are affected

The name of Vienna Hotels, a Chinese chain, sounds “too foreign” to the ears of the government and being changed. Fortunately, international chains and foreign companies are exempted. Readmore: Food waste reduced by 30% through AI-based tech Provinces and cities across China have been issuing notices pressuring both private and public officials to rename businesses, […]

IHG Food Waste lãng phí thức ăn

Food waste is reduced by 30% through AI-based tech by IHG

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) has partnered with tech company Winnow to automatically track, measure and reduce food waste for more sustainable and efficient operations. Through the partnership, IHG will be able to achieve a 30% reduction in food waste. Using an intelligent camera, smart scales and AI-based smart metre technology, the technology called ‘Winnow Vision’ analyses […]

Seoul South Korea

Travel Korea 2019 – Complete Guide !!!

Travel Asian, can not to mention the beautiful country of kimchi. Together with BedLinker discover tips for traveling Korean 2019. Readmore: Tips for Travel Japan 2019 BedLinker is the best Outbound travel services company offer guest to to travel South Korean in 2019. With our experiences, BedLinker offer the best services for Outbound travel such […]

Thuan Dao and story left the top for startup

Thuan Dao – C.E.O of BedLinker and a story “Left the top for startup”

BedLinker is the first hotel B2B marketplace in Vietnam, a platform connecting travel companies to high number of hotels/resorts around the world, search, book, and get instant confirmation. With all these features, at Hanoi Jun 18th, project BedLinker and the founder – C.E.O Thuan Dao – won the first prize of Vietnam Smart Tourism Startup […]

bedlinker đoạt giải nhất cuộc thi khởi nghiệp ứng dụng công nghệ phát triển du lịch

BedLinker won first prize in Vietnam Smart Tourism Startup Competition 2019

BedLinker won first prize in Startup competition!! Organized in Hanoi June 18th , final round of a competition for startup projects in the hospitality industry was very success. In particular, BedLinker was honored with the first prize. Interesting and potential competition   Held by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism and Song Han Incubator, this […]