bedlinker đoạt giải nhất cuộc thi khởi nghiệp ứng dụng công nghệ phát triển du lịch

BedLinker won first prize in Vietnam Smart Tourism Startup Competition 2019

BedLinker won first prize in Startup competition!! Organized in Hanoi June 18th , final round of a competition for startup projects in the hospitality industry was very success. In particular, BedLinker was honored with the first prize.

Interesting and potential competition


Held by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism and Song Han Incubator, this is one of the important projects in the action plan to implement Government Resolution No.08/NQ-TW dated Jan 16th, 2017 on developing tourism into a spearhead economic sector. The competition aimed to company who are applying IT to develop smart products, new service models with high creative and different values. These products are using advanced technology, able to link and collaborate with resources, become a chain of products and services which are practical and valued on the economy.

BedLinker won first prize in start up competitionLaunched for the first time from last March, the final round has the nine best projects. After the competition, Organizer awarded the first prize to BedLinker project; two second prizes for Tubudd and Goeatme projects; three third prizes for LodyHelp, Liberzy and Vufood projects BedLinker is the first B2B e-commerce platform for hotels and resorts in Vietnam, launched in 2017.

BedLinker won first prize in start up competition 2 With BedLinker, travel companies are connected with big number of hotels, resorts and other types of accommodation or services. Travel companies can check availability, book and get instant confirmation for favorited hotel via BedLinker now are connected with moreover 15 countries around
the world.

In addition, other projects have also launched such as: Tubudd project connecting visitor with local peoples; Goeatme project allow to discover local foods and find local restaurants; LodyHelp project offer visitors local services; Liberzy project have tools for create and share individual trip; Vufood project build a vending machine which can make coffee and milk tea automatically.

Certificate of BedLinker won first prize in start up competition

All projects also show there modernity and creativity by using new technology of Industrial Revolution 4.0 such as artificial Intelligence, big data, blockchain,… bring the competition a new and different winds.

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