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BedLinker successfully exhibits at TPO Travel Trade 2018

BedLinker successfully concluded its Meet at the Tourism Forum of the Asia-Pacific Cities (TPO) 2018, held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam between 20th to 24 June 2018.

TPO – The Tourism Forum of the Asia Pacific Cities

TPO (Tourism Promotion Organization of Asia-Pacific), a tourism network of Asia-Pacific initially started with the membership of 25 cities from 13 countries in 2002 and now it currently has 86 member cities and more than 45 industry member, representing tourism enterprises, academics, and other travel agencies from 10 countries and territories. With a special emphasis on tourism Industry in the Asia Pacific region, this year TPO also aims at marketing the tourist destinations, developing and promoting the new tourism products.

Mr. HoSen at TPO Travel Trade 2018

BedLinker mainly works as a building bridge between Hoteliers and Travel Agent, where Travel Agents can book directly and instantly using BedLinker’s B2B Hotel Marketplace. BedLinker offers a complete B2B Technology to improve the sales operation and to enhance direct bookings from the B2B Clients.

BedLinker successfully exhibits at TPO Travel Trade 2018 - 03
Mr. HoSen at TPO Travel Trade 2018

On June 22nd, BedLinker showcased to government authorities, travel agencies, and visitors from 10 countries, including Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, and China. And the results turned out to be positive, BedLinker’s new technology solutions have received a great attention from the conference participants as well as the media units.

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