Thuan Dao and story left the top for startup

Thuan Dao – C.E.O of BedLinker and a story “Left the top for startup”

BedLinker is the first hotel B2B marketplace in Vietnam, a platform connecting travel companies to high number of hotels/resorts around the world, search, book, and get instant confirmation. With all these features, at Hanoi Jun 18th, project BedLinker and the founder – C.E.O Thuan Dao – won the first prize of Vietnam Smart Tourism Startup 2019 Held by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism and SongHan Incubator. Following are sharings of C.E.O Thuan Dao with Vietnamplus online newspaper about his startup after the competition.

– Congratulations to BedLinker with the first achievement, hopefully after this award, BedLinker will come closer to Vietnamese users?

C.E.O Thuan Dao: This prize will spread BedLinker’s reputation out in domestic market, help for connecting with customers easier. In fact, we had few foreign presses knew and introduced for BedLinker. Currently, BedLinker is connected with over than 15 countries around the world.

– Are BedLinker having any difficulties at the moment? And how about your first day when launched this platform?

C.E.O Thuan Dao: The biggest pressure for a tech startup like us is how to have time and find resources for able to “go” quickly as possible, because if you are slowing down, your competitors will replace and overcome. Any startup always faces with many difficulties. About me, I used to be in a position of managing many big properties of Vinpearl group, therefore my first challenge is how can I overcome myself to give up the glorious to startup. You can imagine, from a peak of glory, high situation in company with high-paying job, be recognized by leaders, then now startup, you like fall out of the ground, you must climb to the ground and develop continuously. This is how you must overcome yourself when startup. After this, then a story about build a good business team, raise capital, train team and many other difficulties.

“Technological ecosystem in Vietnam is going to explode”

– How you evaluate potential of IT in Vietnam

C.E.O Thuan Dao: With the current development momentum, I believe in 2-3 years later, technological ecosystem in Vietnam will explode, it is easier in connecting, managing, distribution in tourism industry. For example, if we can make a connection between 9 projects in final round of Vietnam Smart Tourism
Startup 2019, we can create a big advantage which can lift up Vietnam tourism to a new level.

– With the high number of foreign companies are jumping into this field, do you think domestic companies are more disadvantageous?

C.E.O Thuan Dao: One of the advantages of Vietnamese Startup is that we are working at home, and we must take this chance from understanding local culture and any steps. In particular, we have the support from departments, ministries, government, support from taxes… These advantages are only available to Vietnamese companies but foreign companies do not.

– Do you think Government supports and incentives now are appropriate for tech startup?
C.E.O Thuan Dao: On the macro, I see that the government’s orientations for nation startup are right. However, the detail in process of implement still lacking and must be pushed more.

BedLinker won first prize in Vietnam Smart Tourism Startup 2019

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