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Vietnam Outbound Tourism are affected by lack of direct flights

Its time for Vietnam Outbound Tourism!! The demand of Vietnamese Traveler is changing, from domestic travel, now, the trend is travel abroad. But the lack of direct flights Vietnam to famous places in the world is the headache for local travel manager.


After many foreign visits and US-North Korean summit in Hanoi in February, are boosting Outbound travel demand, especially at destinations such as North Korean or Sweden. However, currently don’t have any direct flight from Vietnam to these two countries, or other famous destinations like Turkey, Czech, Spain, Italy,etc. just only transit flights, it causes a lots annoyances for tourists who want to travel abroad.

For all travel agents, transit flight cause headache when put in competition with other company, because it is cost higher, and the company must increase the selling price. Therefore, it absolutely not beneficial for business and dealing with guests.

Hangzhou International Airport
Hangzhou International Airport

According to a source, “Almost guest must transit in China for a far journey, so that, flight tickets may cost from 50-60% of the tour price. Otherwise, some destination just has only one airline operates, following the high fares and sometime guests must be separated in two groups because the plane does not enough.

Not only agent, transit flights also cause annoyance on tourists, because it takes too much time, therefore, they are more afraid to travel. And some country also required Visa for transit such as Canada or America, add more annoying procedures.


Many outbound flight routes are on plan and soon it will operate.

Da Nang is destination where was noticed by many foreign airlines. Last December, Qatar Airlines operated direct flight to Da Nang. Meanwhile, in Korean, Jeju Air also operated many round flights from Da Nang to Daegu city daily.

Qatar Airways boost Vietnam Outbound Tourism
Qatar Airways

In early March, US allowed Vietnamese airlines operate direct flights to its cities. Its a chance for Vietnam Outbound Tourism.

Vietnam Airlines said it is considering at least 2 new long-range Boeing planes for operating services from Ho Chi Minh city to Los Angeles or California in 2020. Initially, flights will have stop point at Japan, Taiwan or South Korea for refuel and supply food, guests does not need to get out of plane. And then, it will convert to direct flights to US in 2022.

Vietnam Airline A350 boost Vietnam Outbound Tourism
Vietnam Airline A350

In other statement, private carrier Bamboo Airways have ordered 10 wide-body jets in early March/2019, preparing for direct flight to US which scheduled to be operated by the end of 2019 or early of 2020.

According to Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam, there are 68 international carriers and 5 domestic carriers flying in Vietnam skies. International Air Transport Association forecast Vietnam will reach 150 million passengers by 2035.

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