Tips for Outbound travel to Sweden 2019

Sweden is one of attractive destination in Europe for Outbound travel from Vietnam. Find out with BedLinker, things you must know before Outbound travel to Sweden!

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About Sweden


Today, Vietnam and Sweden are in process to boost co-operation, included travel industry.  A number of Vietnamese guest Outbound travel to Sweden and vice versa, are increasing over time. Below is basic information you need to know:

  • Sweden full name is Kingdom of Sweden
  • Capital: Stockholm. Population: 1.5 million peoples. Other big cities: Gotenbord: 750.000 peoples, Malmo: 500.000 peoples.
  • Geographical location: located on Scandinavia peninsula, Northern Europe, border Norway in the West, Finland in the northeast, connect the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Bothnia in the East and South.
  • Climate: due to near Atlantic Ocean and warm Gulf Stream, therefore the climate is relatively temperate. Almost Sweden are high humidity, rainy and the temperature not really different between summer and winter.
  • Religion: Lutheranism is 85%, the rest is other religions.
  • Language: Swedish, the most popular foreign language is English
  • Currency: Krona (SEK). 1 USD = 9.57 SEK / 1 SEK = 2,440 VND


Visa of Sweden

Outbound travel to Sweden 2019 still needs Visa, Sweden Visa or Schengen Visa. You must need one of that Visa to travel Sweden. However, to be better, you should apply for Schengen Visa, because it can let you comfortably travel to other 26 nations, easy for you to visit Euro in future.

schengen visa

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Best time for travel


With the climate is temperate and not too much different between summer and winter, you can visit Sweden any time.

In summer, the weather is clear and sunny, temperature is balance and comfortable, great time for you to discover interesting destination in Sweden.

sweden winter

In winter, average temperature is -10 degree C, and always cover in white snow. You can enjoy the Swedish cold and participant in winter activities.

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Big Occasion

  • Midsummer: organize in the first Saturday after June 21 every year. In this day, Swedish will raising and dancing around Maypole. Maypole also cultural icon of Swedenmidsummer sweden
  • Valborg: also called Walpurgis Eve, is the event for welcomed Spring. Happen in the last day of April, Swedish will leave the house, choir and celebrate with the bonfire.
  • The Crayfish party: happen in August, at which Swedish gather to eat, drink and be merry, marking the end of the summer

Transport to Sweden

Although it doesn’t have direct flight from Vietnam to Sweden, but it still has connecting flight:

  • Route Hanoi – Stockholm: by Qatar Airways (~440 USD), China Southern Airlines (~429 USD), Vietnam Airlines (~499 USD)
  • Route Ho Chi Minh city – Stockholm: Thai Airways (~539 USD), Vietnam Airilines (~ 999USD) Turkish Airines (~1059 USD)

vietnam sweden flight

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Transport in Sweden

The most popular transportation in city are Bus or Car/Taxi. Bus still a best choice because of convenience and cheaper than Taxi. The other choice is interesting too is use bicycle in the city.

bicycle in sweden

For moving between big cities, you can use domestic airlines with many flights daily.

Beside that, Swedish government have invested in metro system, and have many policies to encourage using. Therefore, metro is the good transportation for you to consider.

swedish metro

Stay at Sweden


Is a developed country in tourism, hotels are available everywhere, from the economy hotel to the top brand in the world. With different rate in different places, you will have a lot of choice for staying in Sweden. If still wondering, contact BedLinker now for best offer, easy pay in Vietnam and get instant confirmation.

Where to go while Outbound travel to Sweden

Stockholm archipelago: is the largest archipelago in Baltic Sea, Stockholm including 14 islands connect to each other by 50 bridges. With natural and beautiful scenery, Stockholm is the best place for Outbound travel to Sweden

Gamla Stan The Old Town: one of the well-preserved town from 17th century, Gamla Stan is the place where Stockholm was established in 1252. The medieval style buildings in pastel tone, combined with mysterious winding alleys and old frescoes on the wall, all is the most beautiful scene you ever seen.

gamla stan the old town

Kalmar Castle: have built in 1180 for preventing pirates. Under King Magnus Ladulas’s time, Kalmar became a fortress and was considered as the most modern castle at this time. Now a day, Kalmar have become an icon of the same name coast city, you can feel the medieval royal life when visit here.

Hanseatic Town of Visby: recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, Hanseatic Town of Visby become a notable destination when outbound travel to Sweden. Keeping the common structure from the Middle Ages, with high stonewall cover all civilian houses, trading posts, barns and the church in the center. Come to Visby, visitors can sit on the horse cart, move around ancient building on gravel street, enjoy an historic landscape.

Eating and Shopping

Swedish must try food:

  • Nettle soupgreen nettle soup
  • Caribou Stew
  • Sweden Pickle Herring
  • Gravlax: raw salmon cured in salt, sugar, and dill
  • Köttbulla: Swedish delicious meatballswedish meetball
  • Semla cake
  • Smörgåstårta: a savoury cake, make with sandwich and meat
  • And one interesting thing you must know that Lingonberry very popular in Swedish food, they are considered to be an essential accompaniment to many dishes.lingonberry

Shopping place at Sweden

  • Ostermalm Market Hall: in here you can find many international famous fashion brands. Beside that, few beautiful furniture store or Stureplan or Birger Jarlsgatan jewelry is a good pointOstermalm Market Hall
  • Norrmalm: have many chain fashion stores, with designs for young people and affordable prices. Norrmalm is a good shopping destination for traveling to Sweden
  • Sodemalm: the main thing is Swedish local food. If you want to buy a gift when traveling to Sweden, you can visit Sodemalm. Here you can also find many local handicraft products.


  • You shouldn’t bring much money when entered Sweden, the amount of money should less than 5,000 USD or 15,000,000 VND
  • Credit card are very popular in Sweden
  • Keep your passport and other document carefully, show for security personnel when enter and leave country
  • With 1/3 area is forest, and 1/3 is water, you can freely play in forest without fear of attacking by animal, because almost forests are having strong barriers to prevent them. But if you go with child, being carefully because Sweden have many lakes and rivers

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