Distribution strategies of Hotels and Marketplace for Travel Agents

Recently a press interview was conducted on “Distribution Start-Up in Travel Domain” by reporter Ms. Linda Fox from with CEO of, Mr. Thuan Dao.


Startup stage of can rule the hotel distribution and marketplace. In addition which creates good strategic impacts on travel business of Travel agents.

Mr. Dao designates how business and technology aspects can benefit to create a marketplace for distribution of hotels on a virtual platform. Travel agents can directly get associated with travel suppliers to heat up travel business through B2B distribution solutions for hotels and resorts. He also elucidates about an integral part of a B2B Distribution Manager (BedAllocator) for hotels and resorts. Moreover, which can minimize contracting and booking operations. While it focuses more on account engagement to gain more revenue for leisure hotels. Mr. Dao also gives brief information about SWOT of emerging travel technological startup. Consequently helping hotels with technological solution

Mr. Dao and his team also strive to improve travel pain points to from both the customer and the travel industry perspective. B2B channels such as travel agencies generate 80% of hotel bookings. Meanwhile, he also describes travel tech solution is beneficial for solving the dilemma in the biggest segment of the hotel business. We resolve our customers’ issues directly and in the most effective and efficient way.

To read the full interview please click here.


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