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Travel Korea 2019 – Complete Guide !!!

Travel Asian, can not to mention the beautiful country of kimchi. Together with BedLinker discover tips for traveling Korean 2019.

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About South Korea


Tips for travel South Korea 2019

It is the top destination for Vietnamese travel Outbound. This below is basic information you must know first before traveling South Korean:

  • South Korean full name is Republic of Korean
  • Capital: Seoul. Population: approximate 9.7 million peoples. Other big cities: Busan (3.6 million peoples), Incheon (2.6 million peoples)
  • Geographical location: is a country in East Asia, constituting the southern part of the Korean Peninsula and almost covering by the ocean.
  • Climate: South Korean has four distinct seasons. Summer often has short period of heavy rains. In winter, the temperature always reached to 0 degree C and may be lower. South Korean is less be affected by a storm than Japan, Taiwan,… it have 1-3 storms every year and often hits in late summer, especially in August
  • Religion: Half of Korean not follow any religion, about 20% are Protestant, 15% follow Buddhism and the rest follow another religion.
  • Language: Korean. English may not popular in here, therefore before travel, you should learn few basic sentences in Korean for easier communication.
  • Currency: Won (KRW). 1 USD = 1,186 Won = 23,200 VND


Normally, Vietnamese only need short-term visa for up to 3 months for discovering Korean 2019. You can apply for Visa at Embassy, or for more faster you can you Visa service of BedLinker with very good prices. Besides that, Korean doesn’t require Visa for few destinations such as Jeju island, easier for you to travel.

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Best time for Travel Korea 2019

With four distinct seasons, each period will have different beautiful.

If you go in Spring, then March is the best time, because in April and May might have a storm come from China.

Spring in South Korea

In Spring, the weather is pleasant, light sunshine, good for you for playing and sightseeing, especially interesting Spring Flower festival.


Summer begin from June to August, weather is not too hot, temperature approximate 26C degree. In this period, you can come to beach or island to relax with cool breeze and blue sea. But you must notice that in late of July, Korean may have heavy rain continuously.


Autumn is the most beautiful season of South Korean, you can enjoy it from September to December. In Autumn, the scene is peace and romantic, weather is cool in the morning and slightly cold in the night.

Fall in South Korea

Come here from December to next year February, Korean is covered by white of snow. You can play with beautiful snowflakes like a movie, participate in Winter sports such as ice skating, skiing, join winter festival or soak in hot spring to enjoy the rarely warmth in the freeze may reach -10 degree C


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Big Occasions for Travel Korea 2019

Lunar new year South Korea
  • Lunar New Year: Like in Vietnam, Lunar New Year of Korean start from first day of lunar Calendar. This is one of two major events in a year. On this day, the atmosphere is ecstatic and vibrant, families are gathered together to clean the house and wait for the new year.Chuseok Festival Full moon festival in South Korea
  • Chuseok Festival: Full-moon Festival in South Korean is one of important events in a year. In this day, families are gathered together to enjoy the fruits of the single crop for 1 year. On the morning of Chuseok, people will make trays from the freshest ingredients harvested from the season to celebrate their ancestors. Then everyone came to the ancestral grave and participated in the ritual of weeding the grave. At night, people can go for a walk or play folk games.
Suwon Hwaseong Festival
  • Hwaseong Suwon Festival: the significant festival at Suwon, Gyeonggi province, which takes place in October every year to commemorate Suwon Citizen’s Day. A series of festivals took place like the procession of Emperor Jeongjo, Jangyongyeong’s army ritual, and a number of other performances.
Sancheoneo Hwacheong Festival
  • Sancheoneo Hwaseong Festival: ice salmon fishsing festival Sancheoneo Hwacheon from 4th to January 26th every year at Hwacheon, Gangwon province. All rivers in this season is frozen, visitors can enjoy winter sport such as ice skating, skiing, and ice fishing.
Jeju Cherry Blossom Festival
  • Jeju Cherry Blossom Festival: only 2-3 days in April, the Cherry Blossom bloomed, and same day, Jeju island will celebrate this event. Come to this festival, visitors can walk through the Cherry Blossom boulevard, in warm and pleasant weather of spring.
Boryeong Mud Festival
  • Boryeong Mud Festival: this is the most tourist’s attractive festival in Korean 2019, held from July 18th to 27th at Daecheon beach, Chungcheonam. Participate in festival, visitors freely to play in large mud tank, wrestling, mud slipping or swimming in mud. In afternoon, visitor can enjoy a party on the beach with fireworks.
Jeju Fire Festival
  • Jeju Fire Festival: come to Jeju from March 7th to 9th, visitors can enjoy traditional fire festival. This is the ceremonial to pray for healthy and favorable harvest for the next year. This festival included many traditional activities.

Transportation to South Korea

Vietnam – South Korean flight route are operated by many foreign and domestic airlines. In which, direct flights can take 5 hours, while transit flights can take 7-8 hours.
Mostly departure in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh city, and arrive in 2 Korean cities such as Seoul and Busan, and vice versa. Latest, Jeju Airline also operate new route from Danang to Daegu city for you to preference.
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Transportation in South Korean

Bus is the most popular because of cheap price and can go anywhere with many routes. There are 2 different bus type: City buses and high-speed buses, fit any demands for moving inside the cities or go far.


Traffic in South Korea

Inside the city, beside bus, taxis are very flexible, too, but the price seemly high. Otherwise, for longer distances, you can you subway, which is very economic and quick.

For moving between the cities, you can choose domestic flights or use train for cheaper.

Hotel in South Korea

South Korean have various type of hotels and well-equipped, located from tourist destinations to city centre. And of course, more and more near the city centre or travel places, more and more expensive. However, you should book a hotel with 2-3 stars or more to have the best facilities, especially the heating system for winter. If go for relaxation, 4-5 Star hotels with beautiful views and excellent service packages are the best choice.
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Top destinations for Outbound Travel Korea 2019

Jeju Island
Jeju Island
Jeju island: this is the famous island and the first choice of every visitor for travel Outbound South Korean. Jeju island is appeared many times in South Korean reality show as well as movies. Come to Jeju, visitors can enjoy poetic and peaceful beauty, with black vocalic stones covered by countless trees and flowers. Jeju also have many unique places for visitor such as “Mysterious Road”, where visitor can see objects and liquid appear to roll and flow up the hill instead of down, or glass castle glamour like in a folk story, or Jeju Folk Village, where the famous drama “Dae Jang Geung” played.
Mysterious road Jeju
Mysterious road
Gyeongbokgung Palace
Gyeongbokgung Palace
Gyeongbokgung Palace: recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage, Gyeongbokgung is the typical architectural of South Korean. This is one of the prides of Korea, the first and largest Royal palace showing the power of the Joseon Dynasty. This place is a harmonious combination between architecture and natural scenery. Not fussy with vignettes and garish such as Forbidden City in China, Gyeongbokgung only uses the basic colors like white, red, green and simple architecture but extremely solid and have uniqueness.
Bukchon Hanok Village
Bukchon Hanok Village
Bukchon Hanok Village: this is the ancient village which was well-preserved and keep the original design from ancient Korean, located on the outskirt of Seoul city. Come to this village visitors will learn about the life of ancient Korean from long-time ago, which is a house design, folk art like traditional dance, outfit or ancient Korean wedding.

Busan: this is the largest coast city in Korean, Busan is famous with exciting and interesting beach such as Haeundae, Songdo Gwangalli,… At Busan, not only swimming, visitors can also explore the attractiveness of fishing villages with the freshest seafood, the coastal culture with many delicacies made from fresh ingredients which caught from the sea.

Gyeongju Capital
Gyeongju Nation Park
Gyeongju Capital: with many tourists, this destination still fresh, however, in recent years, Gyeongju Capital is more and more attractive. Come here, visitors will experience an ancient beauty with many historical sites, temples, pagodas, palaces. Those who visit Gyeongju for the first time will definitely remember the UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as the Bulguksa Temple and the Seokguram Caves, celebrated as the most quintessential of Korean Buddhist culture.
Bulguksa Temple
Bulguksa Temple
Other than these two world heritage sites, Gyeongju also has another World Heritage Site, namely Gyeongji National Park and Yangdong Village, which preserves the unique culture of ancient Joseon residents. Traveling across the streets of Gyeongju, visitors will feel the classic, peaceful but also modern beauty.

What to eat when travel Korea 2019


Kimchi: tell about South Korean, no one not know Kimchi, which is very famous food. Kimchi is very good for your health, however, eating Kimchi in anywhere can not be like when eat at the original country of it.


Kimbap: this like sushi from Japan, which is made by rice and other ingredients, all will roll inside dried seaweed.

Bibimpap: rice with vegetables, slide meat and  fried egg, mixed before eat


Bulgogi: Korean style BBQ

Naengmyeon Cold Noodle
Naengmyeon Cold Noodle
Naengmyeon Cold Noodle: this is the oldest noodle, which have appeared before bread, served only in the Royal Palace from ancient times. A dish uses with pork or chicken and half of boiled egg, and broth. The special is the noodles will let being chill, and even broth will put smash ice to improve the flavor.
Tokbokki: the rice cake which is very popular in Korea

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