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Japan Travel Guide 2019 Will Make You Enjoyment

Japan always is the most attractive destinations in Asia, and also attracted a large amount of Vietnamese travel Outbound to Japan. Check out all Japan travel guide 2019 you need to know before travel Outbound to Japan!!!

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Basic Japan Travel Guide 2019 for you:

Japan full name is State Of Japan

Capital: Tokyo (population: 13.8 million peoples). Other big cities: Yokohama (population: 3.5 million peoples), Osaka (population: 2.6 million peoples)Geographical location: is an island country located in the Pacific Ocean, within East Asia

Climate: The climate of Japan is predominantly temperate, but varies greatly from north to south.
– Hokkaido: long and cold winter, cool summer, less rain
– Sea of Japan: cold and snowy winter, cool summer
– Central highland: typical inland continental climate, temperature different between day
and night, less rain
– Seto Inland Sea: Heavy rain in summer, winter cold and snowy winter.
– Pacific Ocean: Hot and humid summer, winter not many snow
– Ryukyu Island: Summer is hot and humid, winter is cool and dry, less snow, rainy, often stormed.

Religion: 1/3 of Japanese are following Buddhism, the rest are following other religion such as Shinto, just a little amount following Christianity
Language: Japanese
Currency: Yen (JPY); 1 USD = 108 JPY = 23,200 VND


You can prepare documents for apply Visa to Japan at the Embassy. If pass, you will be charged 610,000 VND. You must carefully prepare to avoiding failed.
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Japan Visa Japan Travel Guide 2019BEST TIME FOR TRAVEL JAPAN 2019

Japan Travel Guide 2019 the best time for you to travel:

With temperate climate, the most beautiful season for travel Japan 2019 is summer and autumn.

Spring Japan Japan Travel Guide 2019In summer, from March to May, weather at Japan is comfort and cool, and this also the blooming season of Cherry Blossom. Visitor can relax under the trees, enjoy Japanese foods with Sake, see the Cherry Blossom flowers flies. The best time for Outbound Travel Japan 2019

Autumn being from September to December, the weather is clear and comfort. In this season, whole Japan will deep in red charming color of trees, the scenes seem like in a movie. This season also the travel season of Japanese.

Japan autumm Japan Travel Guide 2019For summer and winter still have interesting activities for you. In winter, the weather is cold and snowy, visitors can try some winter sports. From June to August often have heavy rains, visitor still can visit ocean, but you should prefer weather forecast before going. From August to October, visitor must be careful for travel because of storm.


– Japanese New Year Oshougatsu: takes place on January 1 st , this is the biggest holiday of Japanese and happen in many days. On this day, Japanese will clean and decorate their houses. This holiday is like in Vietnam, with traditional food, lucky money for children and folk games.

Japanese New Year Oshogatsu Japan Travel Guide 2019– Hanami festival: this is also one of the biggest and oldest festival of Japan. Around March or April, when Cherry Blossom is bloomed all over Japan, peoples will welcome festival happily, as a way to welcome Spring. It will last for about 10 days, visitors will able to join with Japanese I this festival, such as wearing Kimono, eating traditional food such as Bento, Sushi and Sake under beautiful Cherry Blossom trees. And enjoy exciting partying, dancing, singing or simply
watching Cherry Blossom petal flies.

Japanese Hanami festival Japan Travel Guide 2019– Koinobori Matsuri festival: in Japanese, Koinobori means carp streamer. The carp flag festival shows the resilience and bravery as the carps dared to cross the waterfall to becoming dragons. This festival will take place at May 5 th of lunar Calendar, but carp flag will be hung before 2. During this time, other than decorating with those flags, the Japanese also make traditional Obento, shaped like a carp, for hoping healthy for their children.

Koinoburi Matsuri festival Japan Travel Guide 2019MOVE TO JAPAN

They have many flights to Japan with different price and carrier. With two types is direct and transits. The price of transit is more higher, but this will save you a lot of time. Almost flights will transit at China,therefore you must notice, if you transit at China two places in one flight route, you must need Visa of China.

Flight to Japan Travel Guide 2019

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Public transportation in Japanese is highly developed, with metro system and bus. Otherwise, taxi also popular and more convenient, but cost is higher.
Beside that, you can use Japan Rail Pass full package for up to 7-days using. Japan Rail Pass cover 90% Japanese railways, therefore you can freely use this whole system to travel around Japan. However, some urban route which not covered by Japan Rail Pass, you can buy more full package ticket of other brand.


Hotel in Japan is various with many type and price. You should book before travel on Global Hotel B2B Travel Marketplace such as for get the best rate at top destinations. With high number of hotels in Tokyo, Kyoto, can fit with all demand but always quality guarantee.


Any travelers always have the question: “ Where destinations must go when Outbound Travel Japan 2019?”. Check this Japan Travel Guide 2019: List of big cities with many places to visit: Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Kobe, Yokohama, etc.

Interesting visit places at Japan:

Winter Mount Fuji Japan Japan Travel Guide 2019 top destination 8
Mount Fuji

– Mount Fuji: one of the most recognizable Landmark in Japan. With covered by snow throughout the year, at anytime, you can visit Mount Fuji and enjoy the white snow with interesting winter sport. At here, there also have many other playing places and hotel/resort with bargain deal on, offer you the exciting winter holiday right in the summer. With Japanese, Mount Fuji very sacred, cover and protect peace for everyone.

Japan Tokyo Tower Japan Travel Guide 2019 top destination 7
Tokyo Tower

– Tokyo Tower: if the Eiffel Tower is the pride of French, then Tokyo Tower is symbol of Japan. Visitor can go up the tower, located at center of the city, captured the most magnificent and modern Tokyo, a majestic picture appears with buildings and flashy lights.

A Bomb Dome Peace Park Hiroshima Japan Travel Guide 2019 top destination 6
A Bomb Dome

– A-Bomb Dome: inside Hiroshima Peace Park – Genbaku Dome, this is the remaining evidence of the atomic bomb that the US dropped in 1945. Although this has been a long time, but when come here, visitor still also feel the painful and mournful atmosphere, urging from removing weapons and reducing war, towards a complete peace for all.

Himeji Castle Japan Japan Travel Guide 2019 top destination 5
Himeji Castle

– Himeji castle: located in Himeji city, Hyogo province. Built from 36 tons of wood and white gypsum, covering the castle a beautiful white color. Pass through many events form Second World War, Himeji Castle still stood firm and keeping their original identities. Himeji Castle is a special Monument of Japan, with many parts are National Treasure of Japan. Himeji Castle also has recognized as World Heritage Site since 1993

Shirakawa-Go Old Village Japan Japan Travel Guide 2019 top destination 4

– Shirakawa-Go: situated at the foot of Mount Haku-san, this old village very rustic and poetic like a childhood fairy tales. Come here, you will enjoy a peaceful countryside, with more than 100 ancient houses built over a hundred years ago, covered with an extremely thick layer of grass and straw, creating a shape resembles praying hand

Miyajima - Itshukushima Shrine Japan Japan Travel Guide 2019 top destination 3
Miyajima – Itshukushima Shrine

– Itshukushima Shrine: popular knows as Miyajima. Famous with giant Torii gate surrounded by water, behind it is a winding Misen mountain, total become a beautiful picture and capture the flavor of Japan. Itshukushima Shrine is not just a place for visit, it also is a sacred symbol of Japan

Shrines and Temple of Nikko Japan Travel Guide 2019 top destination 2
Shrines and Temple of Nikko

– Shrines and Temples of Nikko: located inside the forest, with covered by natures and trees, Shrines and Temples of Nikko is a famous destination where you must come when travel Japan. With 103 unique architecture, included 2 shrines and 1 temple: Nikko Tosho-gu Shrine, Nikko Futarasan Shrine and Rinno temple. The highlight of Nikko Toshogu is scupltures of three monkeys with hand covering eyes, ears and mouth. Meanwhile, Nikko Futarasan Shrine is worshiping the most three sacred local mountains are Mount Nantai, Mount Nyoho and Mount Taro. In here, they are still preserving two Japanese Nation Treasure, which are the ancient swords. Shinkyo Sacred bridge over Daiya river also inside Nikko Futarasan Shrine.

Shinkyo Sacred bridge over Daiya river
Shinkyo Sacred bridge over Daiya river

And at the Rinno Temple, three sculptures from Edo Times are Amitabha Buddha, Guan Yi with thousand eyes and hands and Buddha, which are over 8-meter-tall, bring this temple very famous sacredness.


Japanese Sushi

– Sushi: tell about Japanese food, can not to mention Sushi, which is famous dish around the world. You can try the freshest slide of seafoods, put on Japanese rice ball mixed with vinegar. You will feel little fresh of seafood, sour of vinegar, savory of soy sauce, chilly of mustard, too interesting dish make you can never stop eating

Japanese Sashimi

– Sashimi: is the freshest seafoods such as salmon, mackerel, squid, octopus,.. which sliced and eat raw. However, do not worry, because to make these delicious dishes, seafoods must pass “Sashimi standard”: caught by different equipment, storage and process in tight control.
– Sukiyaki: famous Japanese hotpot with main ingredients are beef and mushroom

Japanese Ramen

– Noodle: although isn’t original country of noodle, however Japan is the place where bring noodle to the top of the world. The three famous type of Japanese noodles are Ramen, Udon and Soba. Ramen have small and thin noodle, use with sliced pork, peach egg and seaweed, the broth is usually stewed by pork bones. Udon have big noodle, white and chewy, can use both hot and cold.

Chilled Soba Noodles
Chilled Soba Noodles

Soba also like Udon, but browner, Soba oftenly use in traditional events. Beside that, there still have other noodle like Somen with super thin, chilled and usually use in summer, Yakisoba, etc. Otherwise, Japan is the most instant noodle consumed country in the world. In here, you can find various type of instant noodle, with thousands flavor, and listed at must try foods.
– Tempura: breaded and deep fried seafoods and vegetables, popular dish of Japan
– Yakitori: skewed chicken with unique sauce- Sake: Japanese famous wine has been around for a long time and is often used with Japanese dishes. Sake is made from rice, each wine village will have quality rice and different processes will bring different flavors for this wine.
– Onigiri: are popular rice ball, simple and very cheap
– Kare Raisu: popular curry rice dish in Japan


– You should change currency before came to Japan, because Japanese are not usually using foreign currency, except store for foreign visitors.
– Japanese traffic flow is opposite with Vietnam
– Japanese people always put sanitation issues first
– Japanese people always uphold the culture of queuing wherever they are, so you should queue up to turn when you want to buy something, avoid jostling and pushing.

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