Most Popular Activities To Do In Ho Chi Minh City

Traveling to Ho Chi Minh City (often called Saigon), you can see high-rise buildings that are close by, entertainment areas, shopping centers, but there is no shortage of ancient villas, traditional markets. HCMC is large and lacking in tourist specialties such as visiting Pham Ngu Lao Street, shopping at Ben Thanh Market or returning to Can Gio Beach,…

Early Morning Activity (7 – 9 am)

Located on Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Tao Dan Park is one of the largest and most beautiful parks in Saigon. Tao Dan is about 10 hectares with more than 1000 trees, so it is like a green lung in the center of a dusty, crowded city, attracting a great number of urban people to exercise, walk or play early in the morning and afternoon.

Throughout the day, the park is always full of tourists as well as urban residents to enjoy the quiet, fresh space. You can sit on the benches gathering, chatting with friends or having a picnic on the wide lawn in the park.

Tao Dan Park Activity in Ho Chi Minh City


Morning Activity (9 am – 12 pm)

Located in the heart of District 1 in Ho Chi Minh City, Notre Dame Cathedral is massive with ancient French architecture, open space from outside to inside the cathedral. This is one of the symbols of Ho Chi Minh City, a familiar destination of Saigon youth and becomes the first visit list of domestic and foreign tourists when they first arrived here.

Notre Dame Cathedral was officially inaugurated in 1880, after years of construction with all materials shipped from France. The ancient architecture of the poet has a revered beauty. When you visit, take the time to walk around the church campus to admire the colors that are intact when you have gone through time.

Standing in front of the main gate of the church looks like a small square. One of the ideal locations for panoramic church with 2 bell towers as high as 60m from the foot to the top of the cross. In 2005 the statue of Virgin Mary was bloody for many days.

The statue of the Virgin Mary is located in the square – it is said to have been bloody for many days in 2005.

Notre Dame Cathedral is a beautiful symbol of the city and attracts many tourists’ attention. This is a completely opposite space between the noise and bustle of Ho Chi Minh City.


Mid-day Activity (12 – 2pm)

It is said that the mid-day afternoon time is the best session to have lunch with locals. As observed most of the working staff in HCMC get to gather and have their lunch in a restaurant. Have a blissful experience with the locals to try traditional food that the Vietnamese usually have in their meal, here are some authentic restaurants you should try:

1. Hoang Yen Cuisine

Hoang Yen Restaurant is one of the delicious Vietnamese restaurants in Saigon with polite, luxurious space, is an ideal place to receive guests, family gatherings on weekends. The menu here is extremely diverse, dishes such as Braised snakehead fish, meat from coconut eggs, Thien Ly flower fried with beef, blood cockle salad, spring rolls, sour soup with eel, and melon,… imbued with the flavor of a countryside home.
Hoang Yen Cuisine restaurants have 3 restaurants in District 1, Phu Nhuan and District 7, Ho Chi Minh City.


2. Rice Field – Delicious Vietnamese cuisine

Located right on the lavish busy streets of Saigon, Rice Field is separated from the close style, wet rice culture with fields or buffalo plowing fields. The contrast in the restaurant about the old lifestyle of the poor and rich class is quite impressive here. The dishes are presented beautifully, the taste is suitable not only for Vietnamese but also by Western.
The restaurant is located on 75 Ho Tung Mau Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.


Afternoon Activity (2 – 6 pm)

The atmosphere of Saigon every afternoon is usually very cool, so don’t hesitate to go for a walk. Stroll in the afternoon, buy yourself some pretty little things or you can stroll around the Bitexco area – Saigon’s tallest building. If you are a Shopping fan, you should visit Taka Plaza or Saigon Square on Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street in District 1. One of Saigon’s busiest shopping district. Remember to bargain during your shopping in Saigon Square.



One of the most famous symbols of Saigon is Ben Thanh Market. Recently, USA Today’s news-sheet ranked Vietnam’s Ben Thanh market ranked 15th out of 45 most wonderful food markets in the world.

If you come to Ho Chi Minh City without going to Ben Thanh Market, it will be a huge omission on this trip.

In HCMC, Ben Thanh Market is considered one of the oldest markets and is one of the destinations attracting the most tourists. Moreover, one of the destinations should not be missed when you come to this city over 300 years old.

Coming to this bustling market you can enjoy traditional Vietnamese dishes or shop for souvenirs, clothes, clothes, handicrafts. The market has 3000 stalls, retail and wholesale all kinds of items from daily food products to luxury goods. Weaving through the market stalls, visitors can find everything here. Has availability in the range from traditional costumes to tiny souvenirs.


Evening (6pm onwards)

The evening will definitely be the time you should go out to enjoy the warm, bustling atmosphere in Saigon. The special destination that attracts the most people is probably the Western Quarter – Bui Vien. Every evening, the atmosphere here is extremely bustling with the music seeping together with the stories of the groups when visiting here. You can sit either side of the road on a pre-set mattress. And have pleasure ordering a drink and some snacks such as grilled octopus, boiled quail eggs. To understand West Street, you should arrive around 8pm.


Capture Roadside Views of Ho Chi Minh City on Motorcycle

One of the most outstanding features of Ho Chi Minh City is motorbikes. In HCMC, you can see thousands of motorbikes on the road. People use motorbikes for many purposes: going to work, going to school, going out… This is a habit and a very specific culture of the city people.

Traveling by motorbike is quite especially in HCMC. Tourists can rent self-driving motorbikes or book tours by motorbike during the day to visit the city. Local guides will help you explore the beauty of this dynamic city and integrate the vibrant life of this place.



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