By the year, the amount of technology is increasing and lots of software is extreme helpful about saving time, improving effectiveness, even cutting costs. However, if we have many choices, what is the best choice?

1. Start with the right infrastructure

According to Hotel Technology Study in 2017, the most obstructive faction is lack of sufficient for IT budget (39%) and the burden of maintaining the existing infrastructure (37%). Cloud – based software can solve these trouble: Cloud-based solutions are easier to set up and maintain, can connect anywhere and tend to saving cost than on – premise systems

2. Be connected with pre-integrated software

The pain point is integrating software to the system! Building integrating software can be taken time, burdensome process, however without them, it is troublesome for your lodging to get to. Picking integrate software gives your hotel solid foundation where you understand the important data effects to revenue management decisions, distribution strategies and customer information. It allows you to build consumers profiles – hotelier can expect out of future. Finally, better serve your guests.

3. Let technology analyze the data for you

Many hoteliers, especially is revenue manager who spend time building, tweaking and making report via Excel to analyze their data. These files could be sent around, edited and commented… this action is not only time –  consuming but also increasing the likelihood of errors and confusion. The technology as BedAllocator can provide report that many departments can use. In addition, the customers will be allowed adjust pricing, allotment, promotions…And it frees up time for your staff to focus on more pressing issues.



4. Balance automated vs. human operations

BedAllocator can automate many processes such as checking room availability, booking and receiving instant confirmation. Embracing these applications can drastically cut down the amount of time spent on operational tasks as well as increase the speed in which you serve your guests.

However, it does not mean everything should be automated. The ideal way to control the business of your hotel is finding how to balance between using technology and human interactions.

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